Successful Plastic Surgery on the Bangladeshi Head-Conjoined Twins in Hungary

The 2.5-year-old Rabeya and Rukaya have successfully undergone the implantation of a special Hungarian-designed tissue-expanding implant system by Dr. Gergely Pataki, plastic surgeon, founder of the Action for Defenceless People Foundation. The operation took place on January 25 at Semmelweis University, where preliminary examinations were also conducted.

The twins are doing well after the successful implantation which happened according to the plans.

The skin and soft tissue expansion process is the second phase of the separation surgery series called “Operation Freedom” on the conjoined Bangladeshi twins. This phase consists of the implantation of expander implants, followed by a gradual extension of those for 4-5 months.

The first phase of the separation surgery series – the ground-breaking endovascular surgery to separate the shared large veins of the twins’ brains – was led by Dr. Istvan Hudak, in 2018, in Bangladesh. The third phase, coordinated by Dr. Andras Csokay, will be the final separation of the brains and skulls, and the replacement and covering of the undeveloped parts with the tissues obtained by the current tissue expansion process. The location of this intervention, due in this summer, has not yet been decided.

The doctors of Action for Defenceless People Foundation had been asked to perform the separation surgery series of the craniopagus twins Rabeya and Rukaya after many successful plastic surgery missions to Bangladesh since 2010.

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