Public Acknowledgements to our Hosts in Bangladesh for Providing Help in the Final Separation Surgery of the Head-Conjoined Twins

Action for Defenceless People Foundation is grateful for the conditions and support staff provided by Combined Military Hospital (Dhaka) that have met the challenge of world-class excellence. We are also extremely thankful to Dhaka Medical College, Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, and Sheikh Hasina National Institute for Burns and Plastic Surgery for providing backup support.

The tireless volunteer work of the 35-strong Hungarian medical team – consisting of neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and scrub nurses – would not be enough for the successful final separation of the brains and skulls of the 3-year-old Rabeya and Rukaya, giving them a chance for better life quality. The teamwork of Bangladeshis and Hungarians made it happen.

“Operation Freedom” would have never taken place without the help of our Bangladeshi colleagues who made it possible to perform a more than 30-hour-long, extremely risky surgery in their country, and undertake the responsibility of the long-term postoperative care of the twins after our few weeks’ stay.

The remarkable medical cooperation further strengthens the friendly relationship between the people of Hungary and Bangladesh.

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