Hungarian Medical Team of Action for Defenceless People Foundation Performs the Final Separation Surgery of the Head-conjoined Twins in Bangladesh

The Head-conjoined Bangladeshi twins are well: the 6-month-long plastic surgery phase of their separation surgery series is to be completed in Hungary. Their condition is optimal, so their final separation will soon take place.

In November 2017, after 15 years of volunteering in Hungary and 7 years of missionary activity, the medical team of Action for Defenceless People Foundation was asked by the parents and Bangladeshi colleagues to separate the then 1.5-year-old Rabeya and Rukaya.

The multi-staged and multidisciplinary surgery series called „Operation Freedom” requires an innovative approach at multiple medical fields. The first phase was the endovascular separation of the brains’ large veins under the leadership of Dr. Istvan Hudak, neurosurgeon, in 2018 in Bangladesh.

The twins were 2.5 years old when they arrived in Hungary on 5 January 2019 with their family. Following the acclimatization and some examinations to prepare for the final separation, a special Hungarian-designed expander implant system was inserted to expand the scalp and soft tissue under the leadership of plastic surgeon Dr. Gergely Pataki.

The second phase of Operation Freedom consists of this surgery, then the more than 40 smaller plastic surgery interventions that have taken place 1-2 times a week to fill the expanders, change the bandages and to perform laser and regenerative wound treatment. It is needed to cover the extensive wound resulting from the final separation with the twins’ own tissues. The interventions, also led by Dr. Pataki, took place partly at Semmelweis University and partly at Premium Plastic Surgery. Heim Pál Children’s Hospital helped with a CT scan.

Action for Defenceless People Foundation transported the twins to Hungary for the second phase to ensure the safest environment for the execution.

The team has now managed to increase the volume of the tissue expander implants in Budapest to such an extent that is unprecedented both in Hungary in abroad because it seemed unavailable to such small children before.

The family flies to Bangladesh with our team leader doctors. The third phase, led by Dr. Andras Csokay, neurosurgeon, is the final separation of the brain and skulls during the final separation in the summer of 2019, and the replacement and covering of the underdeveloped parts with the tissues obtained through the tissue expansion process. Special 3D modeling technology has also been used for design and implementation. The mission team of Action for Defenceless People Foundation consists of 35; 19 doctors and 16 scrub nurses, assistants and documentation staff.

The team believes in the power of faith and science because they both support the surgery series.

We will inform the public about the news. We kindly ask the press staff and all those interested to contribute to the success of Operation Freedom by ensuring the peace of the family of the twins and our team members working for the twins.

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