About Us

Chairman of the Advisory Board:

Dr. Andrew Csókay PhD.
Head Physician of the Hungarian Military Hospital Neurosurgery Department

Advisory Board members:

Dr. Laszlo Nagy
Texas Tech University, Children’s Hospital

Dr. Gergely Csókay
maxillo-facial surgeon
Semmelweis University


Dr. Peter Vancsó
traumatologist, hand surgeon, plastic surgeon


Dr. Greg Pataki
surgeon, plastic surgeon
Head Physician of Premium Plastic Surgery

Our charitable foundation was founded in 2002 by Dr Greg Pataki, Hungarian plastic surgeon. Its activities include helping those who can do little or nothing to protect themselves because of their economic position or state of health.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation performs free surgery in Hungary and abroad, coordinates professional education and consultation in health-related institutions, and helps to acquire medical equipment and special hospital furniture.

Our aid is like “drop in the ocean”. We cannot change the whole world, but the world changed for many – thanks to the Foundation’s work in the recent years.

We kindly accept donations to the following bank account:

Cselekvés a Kiszolgáltatottakért Alapítvány
(Action For Defenceless People Foundation)
IBAN: HU28629001771159211200000000

Address: 9/b, Petőfi str. H-1039 Budapest
E-mail: info[at]cselekves[dot]org


  • Four missions to Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, as the first Hungarian-founded plastic surgery mission (launched in 2010).
  • Purchase of medical equipment and additional tools for the plastic surgery ambulance of the Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Department at the Janos Hospital in Budapest.
  • Acquisition of electrically operated hospital beds, medical equipment, hospital furniture and other items – more than 62 times for health and social institutions in need. Donations went to the hospitals in Hungarian cities, such as Budapest, Szombathely, Keszthely, Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg and Baja, besides the Semmelweis University of Medicine and the University of Debrecen Medical School. We asked for donations for the fares, and received support from you.
  • So far, nearly 400(!) lectures were given across Europe by our founders, Dr. Andras Csokay and Dr. Greg Pataki. We organized three Neurotraumatology Congress in Miskolc.
  • „Fine Arts in Surgery” exhibition and health education lectures in 2009 at the Janos Hospital in Budapest (2009).
  • We started a movement in December 2007 to decorate healthcare institutions with the works of painters, sculptors and photographers. This has become nationwide since then.
  • Support of health education and youth welfare publications.
  • Successful application for used high-value medical devices from foreign manufacturers.


  • Further help for the Hungarian health and social institutions.
  • Purchase of special machinery and equipment for the reconstructive surgery of burn-injured children.
  • Support for Hungarian children living beyond the border with medical screening.
  • Further missions to third-world countries (eg. Bangladesh).
  • Training for surgeons and plastic surgeons from Bangladesh in Hungary.
  • Funding of reconstructive surgery for burnt children from other countries in Hungary.

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