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Dr. Gergely (Greg) Pataki
surgeon, plastic surgeon
Head of Kútvölgyi Premium Plastic Surgery within Kútvölgyi Semmelweis University Teaching Hospital
Head of Plastic Surgery Ambulance, Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Department, St. John’s Hospital, Budapest, Hungary

Head of Communications:

Ms. Alexandra Valeria Sandor
Communications and Media Studies Expert, Translator and Interpreter, Health Services Manager


Dr. Andras Csokay Ph.D
Head Physician of Neurosurgery Department, Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces

Dr. Peter Vancso
traumatologist, hand surgeon, plastic surgeon

Dr. Gergely Csokay
maxillo-facial surgeon

Dr. Eva Varga

Dr. Gyorgy Szeifert

Dr. Ferenc Alfoldy Ph.D
surgeon, nephrologist, professor

Dr. Gabor Kovacs Ph.D
molecular genetist

Dr. Artur Kalatovics
resident surgeon

Mrs. Krisztina Kakuk-Lapis

Legal representative:

Dr. Andras Fay

Our charitable foundation was founded in 2002 by Dr. Greg Pataki, Hungarian plastic surgeon, and Dr. Andras Csokay Hungarian neurosurgeon.  Its activities include helping those who can do little or nothing to protect themselves because of their economic position or state of health.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation performs free surgery in Hungary and abroad, mostly in developing countries, coordinates professional education and consultation in health-related institutions, and helps to acquire medical equipment and special hospital instruments.

The essence of “ACTION” is to provide help actively and directly, both in Hungary and abroad. During our foreign missions, we travel to carry out special surgeries in the most disadvantaged areas of the world, where the number of doctors is too low, and the poverty rate is too high. Because of the waiting lists and the shortage of doctors, there is a need for a rapidly deployable, charitable group of physicians in Hungary too. Children’s developmental abnormalities and injuries must be treated quickly because they are growing, and their learned behavior is tailored to their physical potential. For example, it really matters whether a hand will be usable – since it will decide that its owner is going to be a person in need, or they will be able to work.

“We have separated fingers grown together, restored damaged faces, and performed plastic surgery operations on the patients’ skin so that previously unusable parts of the body can be used again after movement difficulties because of poorly healed scars. ” (Dr. Pataki)

“FOR DEFENCELESS” means that the biggest problems and need must first be remedied. We need to help those who are in greatest trouble and have the smallest chance of healing. Health needs are endless, you can always get a slightly better quality of life. From this infinite demand, our Foundation targets that segment where the smallest money input is the most profitable. Our medical missions in Bangladesh and Nigeria serve this purpose.

Our help is like “a drop in the sea”. We can not change the world, but for a thousand people, a world has changed because of the foundation’s work in recent years.

“What word is missing from the Our Father that we pray every day? The word ‘I. Give me this day my daily bread.’ No. ‘Give us.’ It’s asked for all, for all the poor of the world. Don’t forget this, that the word ‘I’ is missing. We pray with ‘you and with we.’ This is a good teaching from Jesus. Don’t forget it.” (Pope Francis)

“The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.” (Mother Theresa)

We kindly accept donations to the following bank account:

Cselekves a Kiszolgaltatottakert Alapitvany
(Action For Defenceless People Foundation)
IBAN: HU5710918001000001070528000

Address: H-1118 Budapest, Szamado Str. 6.
E-mail: info[at]cselekves[dot]org


  • 6 Surgical Camps to Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated developing countries in the world, as the first Hungarian-founded plastic surgery mission (launched in 2010). Over 500 successful operations.
  • 3 Neurosurgery and 1 Plastic Surgery Missions to Nigeria.
  • Purchase of medical equipment and additional tools for the Neurosurgery Department and Plastic Surgery Ambulance of the Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Department at the St. John’s Hospital in Budapest.
  • Acquisition of electrically operated hospital beds, medical equipment, hospital furniture and other items – more than 82 times – for health and social institutions in need. Donations went to the hospitals in Hungarian cities, such as Budapest, Szombathely, Keszthely, Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg, and Baja, besides the Semmelweis University of Medicine and the University of Debrecen Medical School. We asked for donations for the fares, and received support from you.
  • So far, nearly 400(!) lectures were given across Europe by our founders, Dr. Andras Csokay and Dr. Greg Pataki. We organized three Neurotraumatology Congresses in Miskolc.
  • „Fine Arts in Surgery” exhibition and health education lectures in 2009 at the St. John’s Hospital in Budapest (2009).
  • We started a movement in December 2007 to decorate healthcare institutions with the works of painters, sculptors, and photographers. This has become nationwide since then.
  • Support of health education and youth welfare publications.
  • Successful application for used high-value medical devices from foreign manufacturers.


  • Further help for the Hungarian health and social institutions.
  • Purchase of special machinery and equipment for the reconstructive surgery of burn-injured children.
  • Support for Hungarian children living beyond the border with medical screening.
  • Further missions to third-world countries (eg. Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cambodia).
  • Training for surgeons and plastic surgeons from Bangladesh in Hungary.
  • Funding of reconstructive surgery for children with Burn Injuries from other countries in Hungary.

(Updated: October 3, 2019)

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